Turkish Largest Silicone Gaskets M...

23 Feb 2017 - silicone gaskets bonding,bonding silicones


Mr Fatih Tung , The largest manufacturers of silicone extrusion profiles,silicone gaskets and cable stuffs , he luanched his 

company four years ago (http://www.hsckablo.com/en/company-profile.htmland now dominates 90% of the silicone extrusion


turkish markets .Mr Fatih Tung ,then is nominated as the best-youngest entrepreneur in honor of his economical contribution

 to the country.

KANGLIBANG helped Mr Fatih tungs with silicone rubber gaskets adhesive at the early stage for  fatih tung business . 

Which the silicone gaskets is made by extrusion machines and cutted to pieces . They are then bonded together by a

 silicone ring bonding machines (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_yC_0eCnZg&feature=youtu.be)

with the help of silicone ring bonding machine , the adhesive is bonded quickly at 185 degrees for 8-15 seconds 

in hot and pressure environment. Mr fatih tungs business start to gain effici
ency and grow strong in market.


Boss yue , the CEO Of KANGLIBANG had chats with Mr Fatih tung about the business and culture ,  

   tradition of both countries , which the conversation is carried out in a pleasant atomophere.


Boss yue showed fatih tung how to make teas knowing Mr Fatih is also a tea fan, and he became interested in treating 

  customers  by drinking teas like boss yue does


   Both leader had agreement  to name MR Fatih Tung , the CEO of HSC KABLO VE PROFIL SAN.TIC.LTD.STI. to be 

   KANGLIBANG’S  Solo distributor in the aspects of  silicone extrusion business.