Silicone conductive paints electrically conductive
Silicone conductive paints electrically conductive
Silicone conductive paints electrically conductive
Silicone conductive paints electrically conductive
Silicone conductive paints electrically conductive

Silicone conductive paints electrically conductive

Model NO.
USD 2.00-2.00 / ton
Minimum order quantity:
1 ton
Supply Ability:
100 ton / Month
Country of Origin:
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Classification:Double Components Adhesives
  • Main Raw Material:Silicone
  • Usage:Car Paint, Electrical Insulating Varnish, Plastic Coating
  • CAS No.:6372-81-2
  • Other Names:Conductive coating
  • EINECS No.:228-906-3
  • Brand Name:KLB
  • State:Liquid Coating
  • Features:Volatile solvent
  • Characteristics:Small value resistance, moderate black
  • Curing condition:Baking at 180℃ for 30 minutes
  • Specification:Precipitation is normal phenomenon, please shake before using
  • Application Method:Spray
  • Puncture voltage:16KV/
  • Shelf life:Shelf life
  • Note 1:Please keep constant temperature in the processing
  • Note 2:Baking at 220℃ for 20 minutes by IR Conveyor

Silicone electric conductive paint


product specification.png

PD-0403-4 is two components compound electronic conductive spraying coating. Characterized bystableresistance value, strong adhesion, wear-resisting, glossy surface, tearing resistance and other advantages.

Mainly applied to silicone rubber Connector,intermediate,lightning arrester and other silicone rubber electric cableaccessories.

Electronic Resistivity Rth:1KΩ~3KΩ.(Space betweenmeasuring point=10mm)


1.Application Ratio:A: B=100 : 1 (A is coatingink, B is catalyst)

2.Pleasesdo stir evenlyand filter with 200~300-hole mesh200~300. Curing the ink after spraying 30 minutes later.

3.The activity life of mixed ink is 8 hours.

4.Keepingconstant temperatureat22℃andconstant humidity when using conductive coating.

5. Please do make backflow of spraying gun every 15 minutes or mixing during continuous operation for keeping the uniformity of coating and avoiding nonuniformityof electrical resistance.

6.Asthe electric cable accessories relate to various shapes, if conditions allow, take the way of hoisting automatic sprayingor twice spraying would be better for resistance valuewhencoating on the silicone rubber electric cableaccessories.

Note: Before first baking spraying 1-2 times or spraying over 8 areas, then spraying over 8 areas and curing again..

7. All the above data only for reference.


lThis agent including volatile solvent, please keep ventilating and far away from heat and open flame.

lAvoid skin contact for a long time and vaporinhalation, if happens,washing with soap once skin contact.

lTheoperating environment is important for coating process, please work in dust-free plantatconstant temperature15~45℃ and constant humidityat15~80%.

During the operating process, more dust pollution and more NG products, as the changing of temperature and humidity, bad propertyofflowability and adhesion strength will be appeared by low temperature, andthe higher humidity will cause coating shrinkage cavity,the lower humidity will cause potential safety hazard and whity by static.

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