Silicone to nylon bonding Silicone Based Glue,Silicone Bonding Adhesive,Strong Bonding Glue,Silicone Waterproof Glue Adhesive
Silicone to nylon bonding Silicone Based Glue,Silicone Bonding Adhesive,Strong Bonding Glue,Silicone Waterproof Glue Adhesive

Silicone to nylon bonding Silicone Based Glue,Silicone Bonding Adhesive,Strong Bonding Glue,Silicone Waterproof Glue Adhesive

Model NO.
USD 50.00-75.00 / tons
Minimum order quantity:
2 tons
Supply Ability:
100 tons / Month
Country of Origin:
  • Classification:Chemical Auxiliary Agent
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • CAS No.:7085-85-0
  • Brand Name:KLB
  • Type:Adsorbent
  • Purity:95%
  • Adsorbent Variety:Molecular Sieve
  • Other Names:silicone based adhesive
  • Model Number:KN-300,KN-300A,KN-300XY...
  • Usage:Coating Auxiliary Agents
  • Usage:Electronics Chemicals
  • Usage:Plastic Auxiliary Agents
  • Usage:Rubber Auxiliary Agents
  • Usage:Surfactants
  • Usage:Textile Auxiliary Agents
  • MF:C5H5NO2
  • English name:Heat-set silicone adhesive
  • Chemical property:Colorless Transparent Liquid
  • Operating temperature:Room temperature
  • Appliction:Used for silicone glue to metal, plastic,rubber...
  • Storage:To be kept out of the heat and sun.
  • Features:Rapid solidification
  • Drying time:Drying at room tempreture for 5 minutes
  • Related categories:Adhesive,glue,bonding adhesive
  • Viscosity:Excellent viscosity
  • Packing:20g/bottle or 500g/bottle
 RTV Silicone,Silicone Based Glue,Silicone Bonding Adhesive,Strong Bonding Glue,Silicone Waterproof Glue Adhesive
Product Description

Silicone adhesive/sealant (KN-300 series)one component, ready-to-use adhesive sealants are extremely versatile. They cure to a tough, durable, resilient silicone rubber on exposure to atmospheric moisture at room temperature. Acetic acid vapours are released from the sealant surface as a by-product of cure.   

Can be applied to stick silicone with nylon, fiber, hair, paper,glass, metals, clothes, plastic as preferably. It’s characterized by high tear strength ( cohesive failure), temperature resistance (-60~280°C), ozone resistance, UV-Resistance and electrical insulating property.

Silicone glue cured at room temperature good bond strength

 silicone to silicone bonding                                        silicone to ceramic bonding                         

silicone to metal bonding                                            silicone to glass bonding

silicone to ABS bonding                                               silicone to paper bonding 

silicone to PVC bonding                                               silicone to Nylon bonding

silicone to plastic bonding                                          silicone to stainless steel bonding



Widely used for electron, electrical appliance, Automobile, Instrument, Machinery and Chemical etc.


Physical properties:

Appearance: Colorless and semi-transparent pasty

Viscosity: 10000 Pa·s (60kg/cm)

Elongation: 200%

Hardness: 50 Shore A

Specific Gravity: 1.10


Usage 1:

1, Surface treatment: Metal cleaned by toluene, Plastic cleaned by absolute ethyl alcohol.

2, Gluing: The gluing thickness less than or equal to (≤) 5mm

3, Pressing: More than 30 munites pressing, Absolutely cured after 24 hours at 25°C.


Usage 2:

1, Cleaning: Cleaning the bonding surface with toluene or absolute ethyl alcohol

2, Activating: Brushing fewer adhesive(CL-24S-3) on the cleaned surface.(single brushing is enough)

3, Curing: Curing at room temperature for 30minutes or curing at 90°C for 5-15mintues.

4, Gluing: After tackifier cured, Brushing KN-300A on the bonding surface, pressing over 120minutes,Absolutely cured after 24 hours at 25°C



1, KN-300A is easy to cure once contacting with moisture, it must be stored in a completely sealed place and away from the sunlight.

2, Avoid eye contact. If irritation occurs, flush eye(s) with lukewarm gently flowing water for 5 minutes or obtain medical attention.

3, Please fasten down the the cover after using to avoid the gel to be cured.


Packaging & Shipping


Our RTV Silicone,Multi-purpose Silicone sealant Cured At Room Temperature Packing:

100G/Tube,300G/Tube or as per customers requirement.

Shipping and Payment Terms:


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I had good experience to work with Kanglibang,they have a really professional technique and production team which help me to solve all my troubles.               —— David. Mahmudi

I like the quality and the price of  silicone sealant.They are top seller in my vendor list now.   

                                                                                                                  —— Elizabeth Levine

I am regular buying silicone adhesive from Kanglibang,they never disappoint me.Thanks for their effort, my business goes steadily up.        ——Jarek Babikowski

Our factory supplies Silicone to Silicone bonding  with high quality and qompetirive price. 


Company Information

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Can the KN-300 series silicone adhesive apply to food and medical area?

Sure,our KN-300 series RTV silicone is certified by RAECH and SGS which is food and medical grade!

Widely Medical Use.

Most materials: Silicone / PVC / metals / plastics / Glass and more special materials.Most area: Medical products, Chemical,  Instrument, Machinery, equipments, Infant care. Widely used.Application like Medical catheter; laryngeal mask;  choke plug and other solutions for medical consumables.

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