Primerless LSR
Primerless LSR
Primerless LSR
Primerless LSR
Primerless LSR
Primerless LSR
Primerless LSR
Primerless LSR
Primerless LSR
Primerless LSR
Primerless LSR
Primerless LSR
Primerless LSR

Primerless LSR

Model NO.:
USD 18.00-18.00 / pairs
Minimum order quantity:
20 pairs
Supply Ability:
1000000 pairs / Month
Country of Origin:
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Classification:Double Components Adhesives
  • Model Number:KL-F6070AB
  • Brand Name:kanglibang
  • Type:Liquid Glue
  • Usage:Fiber & Garment
  • Usage:Footwear & Leather
  • Usage:Packing
  • Main Raw Material:Silicone
  • Appearance:A: Transparent gel B: Milky white gel
  • Viscosity(mPa.s) GB-T 11409.8-1989:A: 7300000 B: 6500000
  • Shore Hardness (A):70±2
  • Tensile Strength(Mpa):≥7.0
  • Tear strength(kN/m):≥25
  • Elongation at break(%):≥250
  • Curing condition:TC10: 120℃*41S-98S
  • Specifical gravity(g/cm3):1.10±0.02


KL-F6070AB,Self adhesive LSR , is addition type LSR , It has strong bond to thermoplastics

like polycarbonate and does not stick to the mold featuring with fast curing speed .


Wireless chargers ,silicone precision electronic                       Silicone medical products

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Baby products                                                                              Silicone cell phone cases 

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1,Suitable for silicone overmolding products , insert molding or double injection molding

, partly needing bond and sophisticated precision parts.

2,Maximise the productivity and reduce labour costs 

3,The finished product ok rate is highest

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AppearanceViscosity(mPas.s)Shore hardness(A) Tensile Strength

A: Transparent gel               

  B: Milky white gel

A: 7300000                

  B: 6500000

Tear Strength(kN/m)Elongation at break(%) Curing conditionSpecifical gravity(g/cm3)
≥25≥250TC10: 120℃*41S TC90:120℃*98S1.10±0.02




1, Mix A and B with mxing ratio  A:B=1:1 and inject into the mold the mixed silicone,

   the injection must be full and complete.                                                                                                          

2,Curing condition of silicone is suggested at  120 ℃/200S(Thickness 2mmm)                                                                          

3,Test and determine the mold condition based on the thickness and size of silicone  .







1,The tool used to take A and B should not be the same to avoid partial lumps.             2,The mixed A and B are reserved for three days, The higher the temperature ,

      the shorter the reservation  time.                                                    

3,The LSR should be avoided contact with N,S,P and Sn, otherwise ,

      it will cause curing failure or insufficent curing.                                                  

4,The ideal mixing ratio would be 1:1,over inbalance of the mixing ratio will

      affect the properties of the made silicone products   



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