Lsr silicone to fibre glass
Lsr silicone to fibre glass

Lsr silicone to fibre glass

Model NO.
USD 69.23-101.53
Minimum order quantity:
Supply Ability:
10000 / Day
Country of Origin:
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • CAS No.:63148-62-9,9016-00-6,
  • Classification:Volatile Solvent Adhesives
  • EINECS No.:230-391-5
  • Brand Name:KANGLIBANG
  • Type:Two Component
  • Other Names:Silicone primers
  • Main Raw Material:Silicone
  • MF:CH3OH,C6H5CH3
  • Model Number:CL-26AB-15
  • Usage:Other
  • Appearance:Clear Transparent
  • Component:A , B Component
  • Solvent:Component solvent
  • Application Ratio:A:B=100: 6 ,A:B=100: 8
  • Application:lsr silicone with glass
  • Drying Condition:A:B=100:6 cured under130℃ for 5-10 minutes
  • Shelf Life:Four months without open

Silicone Adhesives CL-26A/B-15


Products Description


Two component liquid primer, which applied to liquid silicone cured silicone rubber or addition curing silicone rubber stick to PC(Polycarbonate),tempered glass and other hard materials.




l       They can be glued well for many kinds of mixed silicone and rubber, including once vulcanization and second vulcanization of silicone material. 

l       Double component, single coating, simple process.                          

l       Water resistance, anti-salt mist , chemicals resistance, anti-oils, solvent and resisting for severe rugged environment




Appearance:Transparent or Pasty    

Component:A:Colloid  B:Platinum catalyst

Solvent:Component solvent

Application Ratio: A:B=100:6 or A:B=100:8                     

Shelf life:Three months without cover opened.




1, Surface Treatment: The surface should be cleaned or degreased by chemical cleaning agent.

2, Coating Method: Firstly, Thoroughly mixed A and B, and then painting, dipping, spraying or printing.

3, Drying condition:

  A:B=100:6 cured under130℃ for 5-10 minutes

  A:B=100:8 cured at room temperature for 1 hour.

4, Temporary Storage:All the products which coated should be use within 24 hours, If the stored place away from pollution and high temperature or wet air, they can be stored within 3 days.


5, Bonding Method: Silicone raw material gluing with other material should be molded at high temperature or hot air vulcanization.




l       Storage at a cool place and far away from heat and open flame.

l       Solvent is volatile, please cover the container tightly when it is done.

l       The workplace should be ventilated and avoided fire. Prevent breathing or contacting with the skin for a long time.







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