high quality liquid adhesive applying for mobile phone PET film
high quality liquid adhesive applying for mobile phone PET film

high quality liquid adhesive applying for mobile phone PET film

Model NO.
USD 10.00-50.00 / ton
Minimum order quantity:
1 ton
Supply Ability:
100 ton / Month
Country of Origin:
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • CAS No.:103-11-7
  • Classification:Double Components Adhesives
  • EINECS No.:203-080-7
  • Brand Name:KLB
  • Other Names:acrylic adhesive,Isooctyl acrylate (±)-Acrylic acid 2-ethylhexyl ester
  • Main Raw Material:Silicone
  • MF:C11H20O2
  • Usage:Construction
  • Usage:Fiber & Garment
  • Usage:Footwear & Leather
  • Usage:Packing
  • Usage:Transportation
  • Usage:Woodworking
  • Model Number:KL-2600B
  • Usage:PET and special material
  • Name:Acrylic Adhesive
  • Application:PET and special material
  • Performance:High transparent liquid
  • Ratio:A:B=1:1
  • Hardness:3.5 A
  • Solidity:85%
  • Tensile strength:1.81 MPa
  • Transmittance:92%
  • Tear resistance:2.4 KN/M
  • Ultimate Elongation%:929

Solvent Based Acrylic Adhesive KL-2600AB

Model No.: KL-2600AB

Method of application:
Ratio method: A:B=1:1(weight ratio)
Mixing evenly with 1:1.
Get rid of the air glue mixture
Brush the mixture glue onto the surface under the vacuum condition.
Curing at 170 degree for 10-15 minutes.
Mixed with primer coating(CL-24S-3) will make the metal which glued with cured silicone more viscosity
Keep it under seal place.
Curing time and the size of sealant parts accordance with heat transfer efficiency under the certain temperature.
Testing compatibility of rubber and base material before using. Becuase the compound which contained sulfur, tin,arsenic,phosphorus,nitrogen,PB will cause of bad curing during the curing process.








>>>Typical Properties Data

Model No.SpecificationRatioHard-ness
Rotating Viscosity
SolidityCuring Condition
Curing Conditions
Tensile strength
Tear strength
ratio at 90°
Transm-ittanceRefra-ctive indexApplication
KL-2600ABSilicone glue for PET1:13.55000085%19S*130°C42S*130°C1.819292.410±192%1.41
KL-2606ABSilicone adhesive for PET1:1353500085%19S*130°C42S*130°C2.559002.9710±192%1.41High transparent and self-adhesion, no need primer coating
KL-2610ABSilicone adhesive for PET10:1355000085%19S*130°C42S*130°C1.819292.410±192%1.41High transparent and self-adhesion, no need primer coating
KL-2616ABSilicone adhesive for PET10:01353500085%19S*130°C42S*130°C2.559002.9710±192%1.41High transparent and self-adhesion, no need primer coating
KL-2634ABSilicone adhesive for PET1:123000065%17S*130°C40S*130°C0.713001.0710±594%1.41PET pressure sensitive adhesive
for optical film, self-adhesion
KL-6600ABSilicone adhesive for PET1:13510000100%19S*130°C42S*130°C1.819292.410±194%1.41PET optical film liquid silicone
KL-6620ABSilicone adhesive for PET1:12020000100%19S*130°C42S*130°C1.819292.4/90%1.41Liquid silicone adhesive for stones and glass
KL-6634ABSilicone adhesive for PET1:13.550000100%17S*130°C42S*130°C0.713001.0710±594%1.41PET pressure sensitive adhesive
for protective film, self-adhesion
KL-6630ABSilicone adhesive for PET1:13550000100%17S*130°C40S*130°C0.713001.0710±594%1.41Specialized liquid silicone for post forming

Mixing Machine

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