Gloss Silicone Ink For Silicone Swimming Caps
Gloss Silicone Ink For Silicone Swimming Caps
Gloss Silicone Ink For Silicone Swimming Caps
Gloss Silicone Ink For Silicone Swimming Caps
Gloss Silicone Ink For Silicone Swimming Caps

Gloss Silicone Ink For Silicone Swimming Caps

Model NO.
Pantone Color
USD 0.01-0.10 / tons
Minimum order quantity:
10 tons
Supply Ability:
10 tons / Week
Country of Origin:
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Brand Name:KANGLIBANG
  • State:Liquid Coating
  • Other Names:Organic silicon resin
  • Application Method:Brush
  • Usage:Rubber Coating
  • Model Number:Pantone Color
  • Main Raw Material:Ink
  • Usage:Silicon Coating
  • Color:color card
  • Application:swimming caps, keypads, other silicone products
  • Gloss:Gloss/Matt
  • Certificate:FDA SGS ISO9001:2008
  • Components:Two components
  • Warranty:6Months at 0℃~5℃ without open.

Gloss Silicone Ink For Swimming Caps








The silicone ink is of pasty form, it cures to be silicone rubber on exposure to heat. With the Silicone Ink, you can print on any items made of silicone rubber including custom silicone wristbands, cellphone covers, swimming caps, keypads, any type of  popular promotional items made of silicone rubber.

The Silicone Ink is ofgloss and mattfinish and has great elastic flexibility and abrasion resistance, waterproof and heat resistance.





Two components

Part A: Platinum catalyst

Part B: Ink


Appearance: Pasty form


Solvent: Aviation kerosene(white gasoline or white gas)


Specific Gravity: 1.05


Viscosity:55000±5000 MPa·s


Mixture weight ratio: A:B=0.02:1


Color: Pantone Code Colors











1. Rubclean the surface of silicone rubber items with normal kerosene-dipped cloth (thinner or white gas also do)


2. Mix 2% of the catalysts with special solvent like thinner or kerosene (10%±3%) appropriately.


3, Mix evenly the ink with catalysts-added solvents


4. Get the printing area of silicone rubber item hot with flame treatment(heating) before printing on with ink


5. Pouring the thoroughly mixed ink on the screen printing plate for printing the ink on the still hot products’ surface.


6. Baking method:


   A. Vertical oven:Baking at 180℃ for 20-50 minutes.


   B. Horizontal oven:Baking at 200℃ for 8-10 minutes.


   C. IR strip: Baking at constant temperature 200℃ for 8-10 minutes





To achieve ideal adhesion of ink to rubber, make sure you clean the silicone rubber surfaces to remove dirts or dust, rub the sand paper against rubber surfaces if rubber had extra coating on it which affect adhesion and dont forget get the silicone rubber hot before printing on with ink


No addition or less addition of catalysts render ink hard to dry in baking process


Please add (10%±3%) solvent, adding solvent over this proportion to save cost will result in poor color appearance








1KG / Barrel

























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