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23 Feb 2017 - silicone rubber glue

In Sept. 2008, ABB Power Electronics division has got initial communication with Kanglibang through the internet.

ABB Power Electronics division ask to establish a cooperate relationship with Kanglibang at produce of silicone electrical products.(While Kanglibang offer the silicone sticking technology, ABB offer production processing and examination)                                       

In Jan. 2009, Kanglibang products (Silicone Electrically conductive Ink) past ABB’s examination of technology and various experiment by technical department after 3 month. Kanglibang products are all reach the best standard in ABB.


       In June, 2009, ABB Group came to Kanglibang to have a 3 days’ factory-examining. Kanglibang came to a cooperate relationship with ABB’s strictly examination and our high-quality products and professional group, excellent customer service team, high-performance and sophisticated produce line at June 2009.

       Since 2009s, Kanglibang earned ABB’s trust with our silicone research and development team, professional and effect group and the best technology. At 2010, Kanglibang has been the nominated silicone auxiliary products supplier.